Thursday, September 26, 2013

David's Supermarket/Walmart ~ Super Stock Up Price on Digiorno Pizzas!

EDIT:: I was told that David's Supermarket in Dublin has told people that this is a misprint and aren't honoring the price. :(

Wow! I can't tell you how happy I was to find this deal! David's Supermarket has DiGiorno 12" Pizzas (The large ones!) on sale 4 for $11.00. This works out to just $2.75 each! They normally sell for $4.98 to $5.48 or more each! What makes this deal even sweeter is that we have a $2.00/2 coupon to pair with this sale which makes the pizzas just $1.75 each!! 

Now, you can price match the price of $2.75 each at Walmart if you are too far to go to a David's Supermarket near you. I did this today with no problem. 

Please share this deal with all of your Texas friends that live near a David's Supermarket! If you have any questions with price matching, please see Walmart's policy here or you are welcome to ask me.

Here's how to do the deal:
  • Buy (4) DiGiorno 12" Pizzas for the sale price of 4 for $11.00 or $2.75 each
  • Use (2) $2.00/2 DiGiorno Pizza coupons from the 8/25 SS insert or use (2) of these $2.00/2 printable coupons
  • Pay $7.00 for all 4 or just $1.75 each!

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